Version Log & releases

Version 1.5 - June 13, 2022:

  1. NEW: Add Departments in products (document)
  2. NEW: Support timing with close days (document)
  3. NEW: license checker or License validator added to easily validate & get information for any license
  4. NEW: Filter by agent added in ticket list

  5. IMPROVEMENT: List ticket search field improved.
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Changed signature field to "Default Support agent reply template". Here you can define the default template for reply
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Moved "Purchase/License sources" inside Settings
  8. IMPROVEMENT: Moved "Products / Services" inside Settings
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Duplicate check for tickets - tickets with same subject check added


Version 1.2 - June 15, 2021:

  1. Minor bug fixes from version 1.1

Note: If you're using 1.1 then updating to 1.2 is not required.

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